Soft Disposable Lenses

What Are Soft Contact Lenses?

Soft contact lenses are disposable and available in many different parameters and materials. Each brand of soft contact lens has its own proprietary material, curve, diameter, and structure. Because these lenses come in standard sizes, they are often available immediately as a diagnostic lens during the fitting process. Also referred to as hydrogel lenses, this type of contact lens is soft on the eye, draping across the cornea. As the name implies, soft hydrogel lenses have specific amounts of water in the lens. Further, as technology has advanced, most soft lenses have silicon within the lens to allow oxygen to pass through the material. The amount of oxygen that passes through the lens is important considering the cornea receives its oxygen from the atmosphere. Because soft contact lenses are not custom made to your eye, they need to feel comfortable and fit properly before vision is evaluated.

Who Are Soft Lenses Recommended For?

Soft contact lenses are a great option for children through adulthood who are looking for an alternative to wearing glasses, whether full time or for occasional wear. With advancing technology, there is a soft contact lens for most everyone. Soft lenses come in different wearing schedules. Single-use lenses are a great option for all. These lenses are worn once and then disposed of, opening a new pair the next time lenses are worn. This wearing schedule is great for children, teenagers, and adults, whether wearing lenses daily or occasionally. Additional wearing schedules include two-week, monthly, and quarterly replaced lenses. Your optometrist can discuss what regimen will work best for you based on your prescription requirements, wearing schedule, and expectations.
Soft lenses are available to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. They are also available as cosmetic lenses to change eye color or for costume.
All soft disposable contact lenses and lens packs can be recycled through the TeraCycle program.
To see if you are a candidate for soft contact lenses please contact our office and schedule a contact lens consultation.

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