Choosing the appropriate lenses for your eyewear can be difficult. At Williamsburg Eye Care, we look forward to helping you understand your options in order to maximize your visual comfort and needs, whether occupational or for recreation. We use all Essilor and Hoya lens products.

Single Vision

Available in all materials, single vision lenses have one focal point set for a specific distance.


Providing two focal points for viewing, bi-focal lenses have a visible line. The bi-focal portion may be available in different shapes and sizes, depending on your prescription. Bi-focal prescriptions can be set for distance-near, distance-intermediate/computer, or intermediate/computer-near.


Tri-focal lenses provide three focal points: distance, intermediate, and near. Although this fills the arms-length void
created by bi-focal lenses, it is not a smooth progression from distance to near, as these lenses have two visible lines.

Progressive Multi-Focal

A true multi-focal lens with no visible lines, progressive lenses allow a smooth progression from the top of the lens to the bottom, maximizing comfort and clarity at multiple distances.

Occupational Lenses

Near-Variable Focus lenses provide a greater viewing area for where you need it most.

Plastic (CR39)

Lighter weight and more impact resistant than glass, plastic lenses must be treated to reduce scratching and absorb UV light.


Thinner and lighter than plastic, polycarbonate is the most impact-resistant lens available and recommended for all children and
adolescents as well as active adults requiring superior protection from their eyewear.


High index lenses bend light faster, providing thinner and lighter lenses. Hi-index is recommended for higher prescriptions.

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