Myopia Management

The doctors at Williamsburg Eye Care​​​​​​​ can provide options to manage or slow the progression of myopia. We believe that with early intervention, the long-term eye health risks associated with myopia can be reduced.

Why Myopia Matters?

Myopia is a focusing disorder, not an eye disease. Why is Myopia progression important? As myopia progresses it can increase the risk of eye disease and loss of vision.

Over the past 50 years the percentage of Americans with myopia has increased from 25% to more than 40%, increasing at an alarming rate, especially for school-aged children. By 2050 it’s predicted that nearly 60% of the North American population will be myopic.

What’s my child’s risk?

How can we slow myopia progression?

  • Spectacle lenses that provide near focus.

  • Contact lenses that provide areas of defocus.

  • Rigid contact lenses.

  • Atropine drops that prevent the eye from getting longer.

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