What Age to Start Myopia Control Treatment?

As more children develop myopia, eye experts constantly look for safe and effective solutions for myopia control. The goal of the control strategies is to stop myopia in children from getting worse. Myopia control treatments aim to help millions of children who are facing a future of eye problems. Starting the treatment early is important for preventing lifelong issues.

Why Myopia Rate Is Increasing

There are several reasons for the sustained increase in myopia cases. Experts have pointed to the increasing use of digital devices as a main contributor, but other factors are involved, including genetics and the environment. Children are spending most of their life indoors, contributing to an increase in myopia. 

Kids today have less outdoor time, and their daily activities are contributing to the development of myopia. The activities range from using computers and other digital devices to activities like reading, music lessons, and watching TV. 

Using Myopia Control Treatments

There is good evidence that myopia control strategies are helping to significantly slow down myopia progression. Extensive research continues to find the most effective ways to control the condition. Finding the right myopia control treatment for your child will depend on a variety of factors. 

Each child is different and may respond to one treatment more than another. One strategy might work well for a particular child, but it is not necessarily right for another child. The doctor will consider several factors when recommending the best control plan.

Choosing the Right Treatment

It is very important to choose the myopia control strategy that is most suitable for your child. The suitability will depend on different factors such as the child’s age, prescription, maturity level, and eye biology. 

Other factors to consider are the cost of treatment, the child’s motivation, and the rate of progression of myopia. Atropine eye drops and ortho-k are most effective when it comes to myopia control. Other treatment options are myopia control contact lenses and specially-designed eyeglasses.

Age to Start Myopia Control Treatment

Research has shown that there is no minimum age to start myopia control for high-risk cases. If your child is at high risk of myopia progression, there are myopia control strategies that can help. Children as young as four years have received myopia control treatment. These are usually kids who have parents with high degrees of myopia. 

Children generally develop myopia between 6 and 12 years old. Early myopia onset is an indication of a greater risk of progression. Early intervention is effective for preventing the development of high myopia.

Benefits of Myopia Control Treatment

There are many benefits of myopia control. Some of them include:

  • It helps improve the child’s long-term eye health

  • It reduces the risk of vision impairment

  • It improves the child’s quality of life. Kids do not enjoy walking around with thick, high-powered glasses

  • As a parent, knowing that you are doing the best for your child will give you satisfaction

You can discuss the treatment options with the eye doctor to understand the pros and cons of each control strategy.

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